Perform direct pulp capping

Direct pulp capping can be performed when a pulp exposure occurs. Exposures may be due to deep caries (decay), trauma, or mechanical such as during crown preparation in a non-decayed area. Direct pulp capping saves patients time and money, minimizes post-operative pain, and can help increase patient satisfaction.

What you need to know


of patients present with a deep cavity


of patients present a pulp exposure in the United States


of people will experience dental trauma during their lives; many cases involve pulp exposure (1).

The right solution, step by step


Pain management

Septodont is your expert for pain prevention and management, including topical solutions, local anesthetic, needles to minimize discomfort, and syringes for safe and reliable aspiration and injection.


Cavity preparation

Your skillful cavity preparation is complemented by Septodont’s restorative products. Our sectional matrix/retainer system and wedges provide reliable results.


Pulp coverage & dentin restoration

In cases with a pulp exposure or pulp blushing, it is beneficial to replace missing dentin with a bioactive substitute. Biodentine has a compressive strength similar to dentin and can serve as a dentin replacement, without irritating the pulp.


Final enamel restoration

Biodentine is your go-to dentin replacement material and can be placed on the occlusal surface for up to 6 months! (2) Likewise, when you place an enamel replacement material (such as composite), Septodont has you covered with products to finish your final restoration!


Follow-up and monitoring

Pulp capping with Biodentine yields predictable results. Routine follow-up ensures patients experience comprehensive care.

(1)International Association of Dental Traumatology Dental Trauma Guidelines. 2012 (2)Koubi et al. Clinical evaluation of the performance and safety of a new dentine substitute, Biodentine, in the restoration of posterior teeth — a prospective study. Clin Oral Investig. 2013

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