Biodentine® XP

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The NEW dentin restoration system: all Biodentine's science with the eXPerience you expect.

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All-in-one cartridge: ready to mix


Choice of volume: XP 200 or XP 500


Direct placement for Bio bulk-fill

  • Indications

    • In the crown: temporary enamel restoration, permanent dentin restoration, deep or large carious lesions, deep cervical or radicular lesions, pulp capping, pulpotomy. 
    • In the root: root and furcation perforations, internal/external resorptions, apexification, retrograde surgical filling. 
  • Features & benefits

    The first all-in-one dentin substitute to fully replace dentin, providing an easier and improved daily experience from product preparation to direct placement in the tooth. All Biodentine’s science with the experience you expect: 

    • All-in-one cartridge: ready to mix power-liquid cartridge, provides less preparation steps, mix consistency and homogeneity at each use. 
    • Choice of volume: thanks to the choice between XP 200 and XP 500, deliver the right amount of dentin substitute. 
    • Direct placement: for crown indications, apply directly Biodentine in the cavity from the crown to the top thanks to the gun and the orientable nozzle.


    Thanks to the patented Active Biosilicate Technology ensuring a high purity of tricalcium silicate, Biodentine XP offers unique features:

    • Biodentine provides physical properties of a Glass Ionomer at as early as one hour and overtime these properties are similar to the sound dentine and can replace it both in the crown and in the root, without any preliminary condition of mineral tissues. Biodentine allows for a composite restoration in the same visit.
    • Biodentine contains high-purity, monomer-free mineral ingredients and is highly biocompatible. Biodentine is non-toxic to pulp cells.
    • Biodentine creates the favorable conditions for maintenance of pulp vitality when covered with a dental composite in a sandwich technique. Thus, it reduces the risk of postoperative sensitivity.
    • Biodentine is bioactive
    • Biodentine offers an initial setting time reduced down to 12 minutes from start of mix, which is adapted for use in the crown when covered with a composite material.
    • Biodentine creates an alkaline pH environment
      *No bacteriostatic properties can be claimed.
    • Biodentine demonstrates color stability, with tests showing little to no tooth discoloration.
  • Ordering information

    • Item #01C0700 – Biodentine XP Starter Pack – 1 Box of 10 XP 200 Cartridges, 1 Biodentine XP Applicator Gun1 Box of 10 XP 500 Cartridges, 1 XP Applicator Gun, 1 XP Mixer 
    • Item #01C0710 – Biodentine XP 200 – Box of 10 cartridges 
    • Item #01C0720 – Biodentine XP 500 – Box of 10 cartridges 
    • Item #01C0725 – Biodentine XP Mixer – Box of 1 
    • Item #01C0730 – Biodentine XP Applicator Gun – Box of 1 
  • Documentation

How to use

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Key figures about this product

1000+ publications

With scientific evidence on Biodentine

9 indications

In the crown & in the root

2 volumes

Choose between XP 200 and XP 500 for the volume that best fits your procedure

You may wonder

  • How long do I need to mix the cartridge? 

    You need to mix only 30 seconds

  • How do I apply Biodentine XP?

    You can apply Biodentine XP in the crown with the gun and in the root with a hand instrument.

  • Can I use Biodentine XP 200 or 500 on my current amalgamator/mixer?

    No, to ensure the best consistency, Biodentine XP 200/500 has to be mixed with our tailor-made mixer with a very high rotation level (6200rpm).

  • What is the composition of Biodentine XP?

    The powder part is composed of tricalcium silicate, zirconium oxide, calcium oxide, calcium carbonate and iron oxides. The liquid part is composed of calcium chloride, polycarboxylate and purified water. Both liquid and powder parts are contained in the cartridge.

  • Does Biodentine XP contain gluten?

    None of the ingredients of Biodentine XP are an evident source of gluten.


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