Flexible, ultra-thin discs for easy composite filling preparation and a smooth, glossy, high-quality finish.

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Easy access to all tooth surfaces


High abrasion for fast preparation


Quick snap-on mandrel installation

  • Indications

    SeptoDiscs are discs that allow you to obtain details of the surface: smoothness and gloss 

  • Features & benefits

    • Flexible for perfect access for trimming interproximally as well as accessing incisal edges for precise finishing 
    • Thinner thickness: it makes it easier, and often in hard-to-reach places, simply to shape contact surfaces 
    • High-quality end result: minimal surface roughness, high gloss 
    • High abrasion: better finishing in less time, removal of large excesses 
    • Comfortable to handle, durable and easy to apply 
    • The snap-on mandrel system allows you to quickly mount and invert the discs 
    • Ultra-fine discs, very flexible and versatile. Perfect for working on hard-to-reach surfaces 
    • Four color coded grit sizes available in 1/2” 
  • Presentation

    • Kit: 120 assorted discs + mandrel (pop-on). Discs 1/2″ – 20xCourse/20xMedium/20xFine/20xExtraFine; Discs 3/8″ – 10xCourse/10xMedium/10xFine/10xExtraFine.
    • Refill: 50 discs 1/2″ (assorted – 15xC/15xM/10xF/10xXF)
    • Refill: 50 discs 3/8″ (assorted – 15xC/15xM/10xF/10xXF)
    • Refill: 1 mandrel (pop-on)
  • Documentation

Learn more about SeptoDiscs

Key figures about this product

2 discs sizes

For more precision

4 colours

To facilitate the use

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