Biphasic material that mimics human bone structure to provide the matrix suited for new, natural bone growth

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Bioactive and fully resorbable


Association of HA & B-TCP


Supports new bone formation

  • Indications

    RTR+ is a bone graft material intended to be used to reconstruct bony loss or bone gaps in maxillofacial applications:

    • Following tooth extractions
    • Following intrabony/periodontal/peri-implants defects
    • Ridge augmentations
    • Sinus lifts
    • Cystic cavity fillings
  • Features & benefits

    • Ideal osteogenic matrix: designed through a special manufacturing process 
    • Fully synthetic 
    • Sterile and fully resorbable. Hydroxyapatite & ß-Tricalcium phosphate are both fully resorbable 
    • This micro & macroporous structure mimics human bone 
    • Offers a high success rate with no risk of disease associated 
    • Will gradually generate new natural bone 
    • Biphasic formulation associating the very bioactive ß-Tricalcium Phosphate and the stable Hydroxyapatite that allows resorption at the right pace which leads in the creation of a new strong and qualitative bone
    • Two formulations available allowing you to manage the pace of your bone grafting procedures
    • A proprietary micro and macroporous structure setting for an appropriate scaffold and allowing cellular colonization 
    • Bioactive and osteoconductive material providing a matrix for new bone growth 
  • Ordering information

    • Item #01S0530 – R.T.R.+ 80/20 (80% β-Tricalcium Phosphate / 20% Hydroxyapatite) – One 0.5cc syringe 
    • Item #01S0540 – R.T.R.+ 40/60 (40% β-Tricalcium Phosphate / 60% Hydroxyapatite) – One 0.5cc syringe 


  • Documentation

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2 formulas

To match all clinical needs



You may wonder

  • Is RTR+ 100% synthetic?

    Yes, R.T.R.+ is fully synthetic, which offers a high success rate with no risk associated.

  • What is the difference between R.T.R.+ 80/20 and 40/60 and how to choose the appropriate one?

    The range allows you to choose the pace of your bone graft procedure. If you require a socket filling with a fast new bone formation to prevent future bone weakness, R.T.R.+ 80/20 might be your preferred choice. If you prefer a longer resorption pace, hence an even more stable new bone formation, then R.T.R.+ 40/60 will certainly be your choice Obviously, both treatments are of a high quality and allow future implant placement.

  • Is R.T.R.+ fully resorbable?

    Yes R.T.R.+ is fully resorbable. Both B-TCP and Hydroxyapatite are 100% resorbable but on different pace. The benefits of R.T.R.+ particularly come from this appropriate balance between both components: The fast acting B-TCP. The slower resorption Hydroxyapatite that provide the right scaffold and hence the high stability. Therefore the resorption time can be adapted to the clinical situation


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