R.T.R. Membrane 

Absorbable, implantable collagen membrane to promote and support periodontal tissue healing and regeneration.

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Biocompatible and well-tolerated


Resorption in 4-8 weeks


Creates a protective environment

  • Indications

    • R.T.R. Membrane is an absorbable, implantable material that is indicated for guided tissue regeneration procedure in periodontal defects to enhance regeneration of the periodontal apparatus. 
  • Features & benefits

    • Creates a barrier for a protected environment during bone regeneration 
    • Protects periodontal ligament from fast growing soft tissues: epithelial cells 
    • Maintains bone grafting material to the region to be reconstructed 
    • Supports wound healing and guide bone regeneration 
    • Absorbs in 4-8 weeks 
    • White, compressed, non friable matrix fabricated from type 1 collagen derived from bovine (Achilles) tendon
    • Appears white when dry and translucent and non-slippery when wet 
    • Is biocompatible and well tolerated with no adverse healing effects 
  • Ordering information

    • Item #01S0510 – 1, 15 x 20mm Absorbable Collagen Membrane 
    • Item #01S0520 – 1, 20 x 30mm Absorbable Collagen Membrane 


  • Documentation

Key figures about this product

2 sizes

To meet clinical needs

4 to 8 weeks

Until complete resorption


Clinical studies

You may wonder

  • Is R.T.R. Membrane fully resorbable?

    Yes, R.T.R. Membrane is fully resorbable in 4 to 8 weeks.

  • What are the available sizes?

    R.T.R. Membrane exists in 2 sizes to meet clinical needs: 5 x 20mm and 20 x 30mm

  • Is R.T.R. Membrane compatible with R.T.R.+?

    Yes, R.T.R. Membrane is compatible with R.T.R.+

  • Does the R.T.R Membrane needs to be hydrated to be used?

    The R.T.R. Membrane can be placed either dry or hydrated. If the clinician prefers the handling characteristics of the hydrated collagen, the membrane can be hydrated in sterile water or saline solution prior to final placement.


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