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What are OraSoothe Oral Coating Rinses made of?

OraSoothe Professional Rinse and OraSoothe Hygiene Rinse are made from food ingredients, with no artificial components. They contain mannose polysaccharides from Aloe vera, xylitol and a tiny amount of essential oils of cinnamon, clove, thyme, and wintergreen.


How does OraSoothe Rinse work?

First, swishing the rinse creates an ultra-thin film that protects the mouth from further irritation and contamination. Second, the negatively-charged gel binds the positively-charged sodium. This prevents the pain signal from being transmitted to the brain. OraSoothe does not numb the mouth like topical anesthetics (benzocaine, lidocaine, etc.) Unlike these drugs, OraSoothe is not absorbed into tissues and does not alter cell physiology.


OraSoothe Rinse is called an ‘oral coating rinse’ – is this different than mouthwash?

OraSoothe Rinse (Professional and Hygiene) is an oral coating rinse. It is noticeably thicker than mouthwash and is designed to coat the mouth. OraSoothe contains all-natural ingredients and is designed to be swallowed if desired. OraSoothe provides fast pain relief without numbing the mouth. OraSoothe Rinse is also shown to inhibit microbial contamination Orasoothe provides an optimal oral wound healing environment.

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