Septodont Introduces BioRoot™ RCS

Septodont is proud to introduce BioRoot™ RCS, the only bioactive and biocompatible root canal sealer. BioRoot is a breakthrough in the latest generation of mineral based root canal filling materials for permanent canal obturation.

Based on the Active Biosilicate Technology, BioRoot is designed for general dentists and endodontic specialists. It incorporates an easy to use cold obturation technique that ensures a long lasting, leak-free seal. A high pH (>11) helps stop bacterial growth and alleviates any risk of intracanal re-infection. BioRoot is biocompatible and resin-free meaning it will not have any impact on human cells in case of over obturation. The product is easy to hand-mix and place in a simple single cone technique giving practitioners greater efficiency. BioRoot RCS is also highly competitively priced compared to the market leaders and contains 35 applications per kit.

Advantages over existing resin and eugenol based RCS:

1. Resin-free -made from highly pure Calcium Silicate and monomer free ensures zero shrinkage, which equals zero sensitivity for the patient.

2. Hydrophilic – works with moisture in the root and continues the sealing process in the presence of moisture. This is an issue with resin based RCS which leave voids in the root for bacteria to re-enter the canal causing sensitivity and failures.

3. Antibacterial due to is high pH, stops bacterial growth, less risk of intracanal re-infection and has no effect on human cells in cases of over obturation.

4. Strong seal – void-free, tight interface with outstanding adhesion to dentin and gutta percha points.

BioRoot is the next generation in RCS it is bioactive and biocompatible for greater patient outcomes and priced competitively for cost savings for the practitioner. Ask your Septodont representative for further details.

BioRoot RCS comes in a box with one 15g bottle and thirty-five 0.20mL pipettes.

BioRoot RCS product page

For more information contact:
Cass Campbell
Product Manager – Materials
1-800-872-8305 x6675